weight lossHey you! It’s been a bad week so far. My baby got sick, then I got sick, and this sickness spell has completely screwed up my daily schedule. But one thing has kept me sane – stretching my body till I can stretch no mo’

I won’t pile on my entire set of stretches on you at one go. Instead, take a look at this one..

body stretch 1It’s a basic body stretch and completely safe, as you can see from the image here.

Take a few deep cleansing breaths and try this:

  • Sit with a straight back, head upright and eyes closed.
  • Don’t cross your legs. Put your feet together so that the soles are facing and touching each other.
  • Put your hands lightly on your ankles or legs, whichever is comfortable for you.
  • Keep your back straight and breathe in deeply.
  • As you breathe out, move your hands forward onto the ground so that you lean your body towards your hands (see the arrow on the image)
  • Keep breathing…
  • Lean forward as much as you can. If you’re flexible enough, you can touch your forehead onto your hands. But really, you don’t necessarily have to do that.
  • Keep breathing in and out, and move forward till you can stretch no more.
  • You will feel the stretch starting from your inner thighs, then lower back, knees, and soon your entire body will feel the stretch.
  • When you feel your body is buzzing with the stretch, hold the position as long as you can. Most people can do a minute or two in this position.
  • During this time, keep breathing and listen to the sound of your breathing.
  • Now slowly move back to the original position as you breathe in and out.
  • You don’t have to repeat this stretch. Just once is enough.

This is a good basic body stretch to begin or finish any type of workout, or simply can be done to calm yourself down. Feeling the stretch and feeling pain are two different sensations. Don’t do this if you feel pain. Do this to get relief from small aches. Listening to yourself breathing will definitely calm you down, plus it’s good for blood circulation. Trust me, you’ll know what I mean.

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