joy to the worldThis IS the season to be jolly and happy with your loved ones, but somehow this year, it doesn’t feel so “festive”. There’s a dark gloomy cloud over our heads, be it the nasty weather spells Mother Nature is spinning out every second or so, or the inhumanity of certain individuals who are killing people, not just boys and men but now women and children too from the US to Syria to Pakistan to India to even down under in Australia..

But ’tis the season, so what are you going to do about it? You can’t tell your 3-year-old that Santa ain’t coming this year because the world has become dark and gloomy. You have to pull yourself together, put on your happy face and move forward in life. My 16-month-old is excited to see the tiny Christmas tree in the corner of our house. She doesn’t have any clue as to what it’s all about and if I can’t indulge her in some Christmas cheer, I feel guilty that I’m pushing my negativity and pessimism onto her. I’m sure you feel so too.

So let’s celebrate. Let’s celebrate life as we know it. Let’s celebrate that someday it’s going to get better for everyone. People don’t change.. much. But maybe circumstances will allow certain people to gather and consider their thoughts before jumping in on random deeds against mankind.

No matter what, you have to celebrate life. If there’s no hope for tomorrow, our present is ruined, our past worthless. If not for yourself, do it for your loved ones. Maybe seeing you in a jolly mood, they can put their best foot forward in life. So gather ’round and celebrate..

Happy Holidays!

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