product-reviewSephora is a dream come true. Where else would you find the top (as well as new, exciting, upcoming) cosmetics and personal care products at one destination? Here’s my review on Sephora store at Select Citywalk New Delhi, India.

My Story

I first laid my eyes on a Sephora store in Paris (ooh-la-la!). It was a HUGE store, and the salespeople behaved like long lost friends, and at the strike of the clock every hour, they would break into a little jiggle outside on the pavement of Champs-Elysees to some Parisian number. I was in Paris for the first time, and this all seemed more exciting than Moulin Rouge!

Sephora Paris anksimage

Sephora Paris

Then a few months later when I was in New York City, I scoped out the Sephora store in the city and spent precious hours there. I just loved browsing and scoping and testing out products, and also listening to the salespeople recommend me something or the other, or just generally chat. I think that’s what struck me the most – the salespeople seemed to know exactly what I wanted. They just might have been my long lost besties!

Sephora was one thing almost on the top of my list that I would miss greatly when I left the USA, because at that time there were no such stores in India, anywhere. So when I finally realized Sephora is going to open up in our very apna Select Citywalk, I went bonkers.. It was a moment of pure bliss.


Like every review of mine, let’s start with the negatives, so that you wrap up this post with the positives. Sephora Select Citywalk Delhi is a good store, as compared to Sephora NYC or Sephora Paris. However, I would suggest the following:

♦ Salespeople should be more friendly. Not I’m-being-friendly-because-you’re-going-to-buy-something, but because I’m-friendly-because-you’re-our-guest.

♦ Salespeople shouldn’t ignore the company of the prospective buyer. Whichever salesperson is helping me browse through the store usually ends up ignoring my husband. Their focus is on me, although a few try too desperately to baby-talk my 2-year-old. That’s just so not cool. I remember my father was bored while mother went ga-ga over at Sephora Paris. The salesperson assisting my mom called another associate who went around explaining and suggesting products to my father for my mom. That was so sweet. In the end, I ended up buying less of Ma’s choices and more of my Papa’s choices, although all products were for my mom.

♦ I miss the long queues in other Sephora stores, because miniature versions of products were placed strategically along the queues. So even though there were no actual people in front of you at checkout, you did a little roundabout walk just looking at these mini versions and soulfully wrapping up your Sephora visit.

♦ Music playing in the background should be of the “feel-good” variety, and it shouldn’t stop because the computer playing the music is engaged in checkout. Yes! This has happened with me a few times at Sephora Select Citywalk Delhi. At check out, while I wait to pay, the music goes down because the computer can’t compute my total and print out the receipt while playing music. That’s so 1990’s. At times, the computer failed to print my receipt at all, and the cashier had to write down my receipt with pen and paper. Ha!


As you can understand from my rant above, it’s not about the people, it’s not about the music. I go to Sephora for the products. The products are always tastefully displayed. There are certain “experts” who would push you to buy something, so steer clear from the white lab-coat types. Stick to the black-apron’ed salespeople instead.

Coming back to the products, this is the place you can get Benefit as well as Clarins within ten feet of each other. So why go anywhere else?

A word of advice: have ample amount of time in your hands to browse through the products to find those unique to you. Or, have a list ready and march through to checkout.

In Conclusion

Sephora Select Citywalk Delhi store is the place to be if you’re into makeup, personal care products, hair care as well as funky accessories for the same. I love the place, even though I’ve had to butt heads with the so called “experts”. Just stay cool and browse through. You’ll definitely find the gems you deserve.

I suggest you definitely try the Burts Bees as well as the Sephora line of the products. You’ll love it too!

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