personal-groomingSun protection is essential to keep your skin healthy and stop the early signs of aging. Skin products with SPF (sun protection factor) more than 30 is best for your skin. There are some, who argue sun protection makes their oily skin even worse. But I say, use skin products according to your skin type and don’t put up such excuses. Sun protection is vital, no excuses!

How To Apply Sun Protection

Skin products with SPF 30 or more work best when you apply it 15-20 minutes before exposing yourself to sunlight. The best practice is to use your sun protection cream at the same time you use your daily moisturizer. Best is if your daily moisturizer has sun protection benefits too.

And don’t forget to re-apply regularly throughout the day. When you’re exposed to sunlight, the sun protection in your cream will help you protect your skin from the harmful alpha, beta, gamma, UVA, UVB and other such harmful rays in the sunlight. However, you also sweat. That’s how your skin breathes. So it’s necessary to re-apply regularly to make sure your sun protection is effective.

Neglected Spots for Sun Protection

Here are some of the spots you usually miss in your body when applying sun protection. These are pretty important spots, so have a read:

Neck: Especially the nape (behind your neck) area is neglected. Yes, your hair might stop your nape from exposing itself to the sunlight. But just go this extra distance to make sure you’re completely protected. You’re already applying on your face, just spread it towards the neck area also.

Tips of Ears: Again, you’re applying on your face, so just spread it towards your ears and don’t miss the tips of your ears! Skin on your ears is just as sensitive (and important) as the skin of your face. So don’t forget to apply a sun protection cream of at least SPF 30 there as well.

Your Midriff: Whether wearing sarees, or western wear, your midriff is exposed to sunlight when you’re bending down, reaching up, and so on. So apply some sun protection cream there as well.

Hands and Feet: I’m clubbing hands and feet together because that’s just the way it is. Sun protection cream for your limbs is slightly more dense, as compared to the sun protection cream for your face and neck. So choose a proper body cream with sun protection, and apply it accordingly – you don’t want your hands and feet to look older/darker as compared to your face, do you?

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