Studies show most men and women suffer from skin problems like acne, dehydration, wrinkles, dullness, etc. because they use the wrong type of skincare products for their skin. This mainly happens due to the wrong evaluation of their skin type. In this post, Anks Image has compiled checklists, according to several skin types, to help you figure out your skin type correctly and make informed decisions while purchasing skincare products suitable for your skin.

To determine your skin type, follow these steps:

  • Wash your face with your current face-wash
  • Dab your face dry with a towel
  • Make sure your hands and fingers are clean as well
  • Close your eyes and use your index finger to note the skin in the following areas
    • right above your eyebrows
    • your forehead
    • bridge of your nose
    • your cheekbones
    • your chin
    • corners of your mouth
  • Open your eyes and look at your mirror – make sure the room is well lit and the light is on you, not from behind you.
  • Note the skin for any
    • blemishes
    • red patches
    • dullness or dull patches
    • shiny patches
    • fine lines or wrinkles
    • dark patches
    • any irritation like rash, pimples, zits, etc.

And now, compare your notes to the lists below to find out about your skin type.

In general, there are three basic skin types – oily, dry and combination (of oily and dry skin).

Oily SkinDry SkinCombination Skin
Slight rednessToo dry, too tightOily and dry patches
Shiny patchesDullnessLack of radiance
BlemishesFine linesDark patches
BlackheadsSlight irritationBlackheads

However, most individuals seem to have different skin types according to the different seasons of the weather. So it is essential to evaluate your skin type regularly to ensure you remain free from any skin troubles by applying skincare products suitable to the particular skin type for that period of time.

It is rare for someone to have completely oily skin or dry skin. Hence, it is safe to say most individuals fall in the combination skin category. Based on this fact, Anks Image finds it better to categorize skin type according to its issues, rather than its attributes, as shown in the basic skin types above. So, here’s our list of skin-types:

Acne-Prone SkinDehydrated SkinDry SkinDull Skin
BlackheadsFine linesTight skinLack of radiance
BlemishesDry patchesRough, flaky skinLack of freshness
RednessIrritable skin patchesLack of radianceUneven skin-tone
Shiny patchesDullnessDullnessDullness

As you can expect, this is not an exact science. The list given in this post which matches most to your list of findings will tell you what your skin type is. And to treat these problems, all you have to do is to read the fine print on the skincare products you like. Most times, you will find these same words or phrases in the skincare products. Try to purchase those products which have the same or similar words describing your skin type or skin problems. This will guarantee you clear, hydrated and pampered skin.

And remember, skin is the first organ to get affected by any changes to your diet, stress-level, lifestyle, etc. So it is essential to keep track of your diet and lifestyle too. Bad eating habits, working too much for too long, exercising rarely or irregularly, etc. are few of the baddies you need to avoid, which will give you fresh and young-looking skin always plus ensure a completely healthy you.

Finally, there’s another category of skin type called the mature skin. As you age, the ability of your skin to produce its own supply of essential lipids and elasticity decreases. So, the appearance of lines and wrinkles is not uncommon. One can not stop the aging process but using the right skincare products containing the necessary ingredients can sure help you maintain a supple beautiful skin. Choose products which specifically address wrinkles and fine lines, and have been specifically design to have anti-aging properties. Again, read the fine print on the products and buy only those which have the keywords related to your specific skin type.

To understand more about your particular skin type and the kinds of skincare products you should be using, please send your email to, or use our Contact Form.

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