pamper yourself anksimageHere are the 11 activities to pamper yourself when you’re feeling out-of-sorts, or just because. Choose a time when your baby is out or your hubby is kind (and brave) enough to offer you “me-time”. Enjoy!

1. Dessert Time

First, choose the dessert which calls your inner pig. Don’t share. Savour each spoonful.

2. Spa Day

Book a full day at a spa center, and forget EVERYTHING. Go home a fresher you.

3. Dress Up

Wear something fancy on a regular day, instead of yoga pants or PJs. Admire yourself and feel good.

4. Hair Spa

A head massage is where you can’t help but relax. Go to a professional and relax.

5. Foot Massage

Draft in your husband for a foot massage. Enjoy his fingers, and enjoy this intimate activity.

6. Take A Nap

You usually can’t nap when your baby is awake. So to pamper yourself, take a nap. Go crazy and take a nap ANYTIME you want.

7. Read to Pamper Yourself

Take some time to read something you like. Read and get lost in that book.

8. Indulge.. in the Bathroom

Go to the bathroom and lock the door. Put on a face mask, clip your nails, brush your hair, or blow bubbles from your bubblegum. Just indulge.

9. Call a friend

Call a friend and talk about old times. Get rejuvenated to face your hurricane of a baby again.

10. Take a long Shower

Need I say more? Stand under the water and feel it run down your body. Feel.

11. Buy Yourself a Treat

I usually buy chocolate, the bad kind, a.k.a. milk chocolate. And when I’m feeling stressed, I munch on it. And trust me, it helps.

In Conclusion

Being a mom is a wonderful, exasperating, amazing, overwhelming feeling 24/7. So don’t forget to pamper yourself from time to time.

Ankitaa is a work-from-home mother with a notorious 2-year-old in tow. If you have a question, or would like Ankitaa to blog about something in particular, try using the Contact Us page, or email here.

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