personal-opinionEveryone likes to look successful, look rich to impress their friends, their colleagues, their relatives, or just for the heck of it. And here’s what you can do to look rich on a budget, however stringent it might be ;)

Be Subtle

There’s nothing wrong in embellishing the truth sometimes, as long as no one gets hurt. If you want to look rich, don’t go about how much money you spend, or earn, or whatever. The key to looking rich is being SUBTLE. Don’t go overboard. When you’re trying to “look” rich, concentrate on that – your look. Don’t be stereotyped into “Dilliwali” bling, or “Mumbaiwali” understated look.

Pamper Your Limbs

A good manicure and pedicure, even done at home, can do wonders to your appearance. You don’t have to spend oodles of money in a french manicure, or nail art. Also, stay away from anything too gawdy.

Choose the Right Clothes When You’re Buying

When you’re buying clothes, it’s easy to get swayed by a particular color, or style, or even the cute salesguy. But be on your guard. When you do choose something that suits you and your body type, look for wears and tears. Check if extra buttons are included with the purchase. What are the care instructions? Is it cotton or some weird rayon-poly-wool blend that you’ve never really heard of? These things matter because you want your clothes to be perfect, not a stitch out of place. Better yet, go to your neighborhood tailor and do adjustments, if necessary. Fitted clothes reek money ‘coz most of us are too lazy or don’t want to spend any extra paisa, effort or time.

Invest in a Good Haircut

You got to get a decent haircut every now and then, don’t you? Well, this time, just make sure you get a good one by having a conversation with the person who’s cutting your hair. Most salons have experienced hairstylists. While asking for a “senior” hair stylist for your hair seems the safest option, it’s the younger ones you should try out. They will talk to you about options, maybe a highlight here and then, plus give you the gossip of the place.

Why, you might ask?
Because they want you to come back to them the next time, or even recommend them to your friends, so that they can progress to the “senior” title with better pay and perks. (No personal angst against any senior hairstylists, just writing from my experiences!)

Shoes, shoes, shoes

Check your shoes. You don’t have to even dream of owning any Louboutons just yet, but if you’re wearing sports shoes or crocs (gulp!) in public, well girl, you’re on your own! Wear sandals, flats, stilettos, boots, loafers, anything but make sure they don’t look too new or too used. And of course, make sure your shoes complement your outfit.

Mind Your Accessories

Once I had a belt from good ol’ Promod and my client thought I was wearing a Bottega Veneta original. So you get my gist, right? Wear good quality accessories, one at a time. If you’re wearing a belt (like I was), let your outfit be centered around it. Highlight one aspect of your outfit. One bracelet. One neckpiece. One belt. One bag.

In Conclusion

Keep it simple. And keep it real. Don’t wear fakes. Even if you don’t own a Louis Vuitton, it’s easy for you to figure out a fake one, isn’t it? So don’t get embarrassed with fakes. Use my tips above and breeze into DLF Emporio for some window shopping – no one will be able to guess if you took the Metro or arrived in a Bentley. Take in the atmosphere and take pointers on how the elite live their lives – use it when you grow more successful to fit right in.

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