makeover anksimageWhen you type “image makeover” into Google, you get a bunch of “before” and “after” images of people showing how a little of shopping, hair styling and makeup can make one look from “huh..” to “wow!” But is “image makeover” limited to making changes to the way you look?

Image” is what people see you as, how people think of you, about you. When I see my husband, I see a hard-working, sensible guy with a healthy sense of humour. I don’t think I look at him to judge how his hair looks, or what he’s wearing. Yes, appearance has a lot to do with how people perceive you but your personality and behavior is definitely a good part of you, your image. If you’re good to look at, people might start a conversation with you, but if your personality and behavior can’t keep up with your looks, you’re sure to find yourself alone in a corner, rather than being the limelight at a party.

My definition of “image makeover” is about making subtle (or drastic) changes to your appearance, behavior and personality, as needed.

Making changes to your appearance is the easiest among these three fields. Raid your wardrobe, gather the goodies, make a list of what’s needed and off we go shopping with (though mostly without) a budget.

Next up, your behavior and personality..

Are you bossy? Or a pushover? Can you listen? Or just talk? There are many aspects to YOU that you can curb or amplify, to garner attraction in a particular setting or in general. It takes observation and blunt honesty to see yourself the way you actually are, accept your flaws and do something about it. Changes are, obviously, not overnight but with dedication, persistence and guidance from a professional, you can make the changes you want and grab onto a newer you, just like a phoenix rising out of the ashes of its old self!

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