makeover anksimage“Makeover” can mean something as simple as changing one’s look to quite an elaborate affair of changing one’s outlook. In this post, let me share 6 image makeover tips without getting too technical about it..

1. Change Your Hairstyle

An oldie but goldie, this is the most known makeover tip (or trick) to change one’s look. You can go as drastic as long hair to a sleek bob, or as simple as straightening your curly locks.

2. Change Your Make Up Colors

Women don’t give much attention to this. But think about it. If people around you are used to seeing you in soft pastel colors, wouldn’t it make a difference if you start using make up in bright bold colors (as per your color season – find it here!). This is one makeover beauty tip one tends to overlook but if done correctly can do wonders in changing your look.

3. Change Your Wardrobe

I mean, change your clothes and shoes and even accessories. If you’re used to wearing salwar-kurtas mostly, try something as simple as tunics and leggings, or as drastic as sarees, whichever matches your body type (here’s a short body shape analysis), to change your look.

4. Work Up Your Teeth

Visit the dentist and get your teeth whitened. If you think you need more work done, then obviously go for it, as recommended by your dentist. But the least you can do is get your teeth cleaned and whitened to brighten your face.

5. Learn Something New

A new language. A new skill. Learn to play the Ukelele if that buzzes your strings. Just do something to increase your knowledge base. You will learn something that interests you, and it will give you immense pleasure that you CAN learning something new. That can change your outlook too.

6. Travel Alone

Traveling alone gives you an opportunity to really face yourself and know what works and doesn’t work for you. Are you adventurous enough? Are you too cautious? Can you let your guard down? Traveling to new places, meeting people from different walks of life opens up your mind, changes your outlook. So give it a try.

Try these to discover your strengths and understand which areas you need to work upon. It’s really that simple.

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