being fit anksimageWhen you’re overweight, your situation might get quite depressing. You might be bullied by others for being hefty, or you might belittle yourself every time you go out to shop for yourself. But get over it. You can still feel awesome no matter what shape you’re in. Here’s how to feel awesome when you’re fat:

Accept Who You Are

Take a good honest look at yourself in the mirror and say it out loud – “Yes, I’m fat.” There’s no hiding behind excuses. You are fat and the world knows it. And before someone else makes you feel nasty about yourself, accept yourself the way you are. This means buying and wearing clothes your size, not the size you think you are or you want to be. This also means not getting offended when someone points out your flabbiness. Take offence if you’re being bullied, not when someone generally points it out to you.

Dress According To Your Size

When you dress according to the shape and size of your body, you can take pounds off instantly. Added to that, since you know you are wearing the right clothes and accessories, you can walk around confidently, instead of fidgeting with your clothes and generally looking ill at ease. And mind you, confidence is attractive. When you walk tall and proud, it doesn’t matter if you are a Size 14. You can be as gorgeous as a Size Zero, if not more.

Mind Your Neck

It is a common mistake to overlook the cut and style of the neck in clothes. What you might think is the right dress as per the shape of your body can be a total miss if you choose the wrong neck style. For example, if you are top heavy, a high neck or closed neck style of your shirt, top or dress might make you look even more plump, even if what you’re wearing is meant to tone you down by several inches.

However, if you’re stuck with a closed neck style, pair it up with long neck pieces to balance the busty look.

Lingerie Matters

Love handles are a bane for fat people. You definitely don’t want fleshy jiggles all across your body every time you take a step. To mind the jiggles, wear the right size of lingerie – full coverage. And to completely cut down on the jiggles, try shapewear lingerie. Most shapewear products are made with breathable material, so it’s okay and comfortable to wear them all the time, be it summer or winter.

When you’re fat, people take in your appearance and dole out advice or insults. Inspite of this, try these steps on how to feel awesome about yourself. And while you’re at it, try to understand the causes behind your health issues and take appropriate actions. And be patient to see any results.

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