makeover anksimageFirst day of school. First day of college. First day of office. First day as manager. First days are many in one’s life. Such exciting times. But with such excitement there’s nervous energy too. So here’s how to be awesome on your first day..

Do Proper Background Check

Whether it’s school, college or office, before you step in to start your first day, make sure you do ample background check of the place beforehand. Drive by the place a few times. Assess the crowd. Google it up. Talk to someone who knows the place and the people. Anything and everything that can help you gauge an idea of the kind of place it’s going to be for you, and how you can use it to your advantage.

Conduct Your Own Orientation

Most schools and colleges have student orientation, where new students get to meet each other and the faculty, staff as well as senior students. In an office setting, this privilege is more like a one-to-one meeting, if at all. So when it’s your first day at a office, try doing your version of orientation. Figure out the hierarchy of the organization, and if possible, have a quick word with everyone important. Not just the boss or the boss’s boss, but also your colleagues and seniors. You get the picture, right? This says you’ve arrived and you’re here to stay. Just don’t bother someone when they’re busy at work. Be polite and humble. Leave a good first impression.

Join the Club

Literally. Join the club(s) at your school, college or office to be part of that community. You’ll get to meet new people, mostly with your range of interests. But don’t try too hard. Don’t join the tennis club, if you’re more of a chess person. It will show and your awesomeness will turn into lameness very quickly.

These were some simple ways to be awesome on your first day of school/college/office. Are there any others you would like to share? I would love to know.

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