personal-opinionWe’ve talked about how image consulting can help you achieve a better understanding of yourself, high levels of confidence, more success in life, and all that without having the fear of being judged, pitied or ridiculed. And here’s the final, if not most important, reason to hire an image consultant:

Cost effective.

An Image Consultant is NOT your agony aunt.

You can expect good advice free of cost, but helpful advice is never free. An image consultant can give you advice for quick fixes, plus work with you to achieve long-lasting results. On the other hand, you can expect only quick fixes, provided you’ve asked someone wise enough, or who’s been in a similar situation. So the next time you want to save some money and consult your regular agony aunt, be it someone from your family, work, even friends, think about what you’re missing out.

And relax! Image consulting isn’t expensive. It’s simple, and cost-effective. Think of it as an investment.

And the best part is we, at Anks Image, offer free consultation to new clients. This helps you, as a paying customer, to determine if we are right for you. And this also helps us to come up with a short and cost-effective solution based on the information you provide.

Most first-time sessions at Anks Image lasts for about an hour. Consequent sessions might vary in duration, but it really depends on what you want from Anks Image. Most of our clients are happy with a maximum of three sessions over a period of time to get the most out of Anks Image. Hence, we save you your money, your effort, and of course, your time as well. And that’s the epitome of image consulting being cost effective.

So these were my reasons to hire an image consultant seven years ago.

Now I myself have become an image consultant, and clients who come to me for a consultation usually have one or all the 5 reasons to hire me as an image consultant. If you’re interested in knowing how image consulting can help you, contact me directly to get answers to your questions about image consulting and its benefits.

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