handwriting analysisThe other day, I was trying to submit an article about handwriting analysis on one of the popular article directories on the web. And I ran into a snag. It seems I needed to provide at least 2 references to corroborate my work. Needless to say, I stopped the submission process right there, because no way after spending so many years of my life in handwriting analysis I was going to provide any more proof of my authenticity, or the credibility of handwriting analysis itself.

This incident got me thinking. Like this hugely popular website, there are many cynics out there who want material proof for the accuracy of handwriting analysis. Though I can’t transform every cynic into a believer, here are the main reasons you should try handwriting analysis:

1. History of Handwriting Analysis.

Handwriting analysis, also known as graphology, has been around since the time of Aristotle. In fact, Aristotle, the Greek philosopher, wrote:

“Handwriting is the visible form of speech. Just as speech can have inflections of emotions, somewhere in handwriting is an expression of the emotions underlying the writer’s thoughts, ideas, or desires.”

Camillo Baldi, professor of medicine and psychology at Bologne University in Italy, is recognized as the Father of Handwriting Analysis. And his earliest publications on handwriting analysis date back to 1662.

2. Current presence.

Graphology has been practiced for centuries and today, there are more than 2,200 published works on handwriting analysis. Plus, graphology is an important topic in Psychology courses taught all over the world, including Germany, France, Switzerland, Holland and Israel. *

Once I was speaking to a client in India, and she mentioned studying psychology in the University of Agra back in the early 1980s.

3. Graphology is not an Exact Science.

If you believe a graphologist or handwriting expert can get to know you simply from a single glance at your handwriting, then you’re wrong. Just one sample of your handwriting is not enough.

Yes, there is a link between your handwriting to your psyche. But graphology is not an exact science. Interpretations on your personality based on different aspects of your handwriting – how you write your ‘o’, or your ‘y’, how you sign your name, etc. are not individually valid.

A professional handwriting expert will stack the different interpretations, see how each trait is affected by the other, and then only draft your complete personality report. So to get an accurate reading, you do need someone thorough and experienced in handwriting analysis.

Many cynics can can laugh it off, but handwriting analysis is here to stay. It may sound as intuitive as astrology, but both are significant in our lives, as long as we don’t depend entirely on it. Use handwriting analysis as a means to understand yourself, or someone else, better. As long as you don’t base your life decisions on graphology, you’ll do fine.

You won’t know until you experience it yourself, so try the free handwriting analysis now.

* Courtesy – Wikipedia

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