handwriting analysisI’ve been talking about what handwriting analysis is, and how you can use it to improve your life by understanding others around you. Now, how about taking a test drive? Let’s put all that I’ve been telling you to test with this 5-minute handwriting analysis test. Remember, this is not an actual handwriting analysis, it’s just a way of understanding how handwriting analysis reveals a person’s true character.

Minute 1 – Let’s start with the signature:

Your (or a person’s) signature reveals how he/she behaves around others. So if the signature is..

larger than your writing: you’re confident around others, may even come across as arrogant.

smaller than your writing: you’re shy around others, might even indicate your insecurity.

about the same size as your writing: you have no pretenses around others.

Next, let’s look at some of the informative letters in the English language – o, d and y!

Minute 2 – If your ‘o’ is looped (or knotted on either side), it means you’re not completely honest with everyone. You like to keep secrets. However if your ‘o’ is open at any point, it suggests your inclination towards gossiping.

Minute 3 – If your ‘d’ is looped, it means you like to keep secrets from others, or rather you try to be diplomatic mostly around others. People with huge vertical loops in their d’s are prone to healthy imagination, often bordering on a tendency to “adjust” the truth as per the person’s liking.

So far, having loops seems to be a bad thing, if not the worst! However, here’s something where having loops indicates a good personality.

Minute 4 – Your ‘y’ should have a loop, that’s just the way the alphabet is meant to be written. So no surprises there! However, a small loop on your ‘y’ usually means you’re quite selective, almost to the point of being picky. On the other hand, if your ‘y’ loop is huge, it probably shows your fussy nature. The more bigger the loop, the more it indicates your bad taste.

Now what about those who don’t have any loops on their ‘y’s?

Minute 5 – Strictly clean ‘y’s are extremely stubborn people. While it’s a good thing on one hand – they will finish what they’ve started, it’s not always easy to change their minds once they’ve made their decisions.

So that’s your 5-minute handwriting analysis test. Did you have fun?

Contact me now to order a complete handwriting analysis report on your (or someone else’s) handwriting. Read my handwriting analysis posts for more about handwriting analysis.

Disclaimer: This is not a complete personality report, just a fun way of understanding handwriting analysis. For a complete and accurate handwriting analysis report, contact Anks Image now.

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