handwriting analysisSometimes, a person’s handwriting is so tiny, you have to strain your eyes to read it. This, among other instances of handwriting, might be considered “odd”. And in handwriting analysis, we love these oddball characteristics. These help us establish a personality profile more quickly for you, thus helping you deal with the person better. Won’t it be great if you knew what your boss (or partner) is feeling, to make the most of the situation?

Deny if you might, but isn’t that what everyone wants? To know how to please someone, and make yourself more appealing to the other person? Well, handwriting analysis lets you do just that.

Remember the time when you were mad, and wrote down something on a paper. How did that look to you? I bet your handwriting was heavy, almost tearing the paper, and most likely, the words on the paper looked like little spikes, didn’t it? When you’re angry, your anger pours down onto the paper through your handwriting.

Similarly, your other personality traits like sarcasm, impulse, sex drive, etc. are also revealed through your handwriting.

Going back to our oddball handwriting, let’s discuss tiny handwriting.

Extremely small handwriting indicates high level of concentration. A person with extremely small handwriting are somewhat single minded, focusing on only one thing at a time. They tend to shut everything out of their minds and concentrate only on the matter at hand. They might also come across as reserved. However, it’s best to back off and understand what the rest of the handwriting indicates before judging the person based on this single handwriting feature.

So how does Handwriting Analysis help you?

Handwriting analysis gives you instant knowledge of anybody you’re dealing with. For instance, understanding your boss’s (or girlfriend’s) personality with handwriting analysis can let you understand the other person better, and even make yourself more appealing to the other person. Do I have to say more? Obviously this can help you a lot.

So what are you waiting for? Contact me now to get started on handwriting analysis. A little knowledge goes a long way.

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