handwriting analysisI’ve been toying with this idea of conducting free handwriting analysis on samples my readers will send me and I will reply with a 10-point concise personality report. No strings attached..

Except once you have my report, I want you to be totally honest with me and share your feedback. Was I correct in my deductions? What makes you say things differently, if at all? So do you like the sound of that?

All you have to do is write down 7-8 sentences in English using a fine-tip pen on a blank piece of paper, scan it and send it to me. Repeat this 5-6 times so that I have 5-6 handwriting samples (make sure the sentences are different in all samples) and I would reply to you in no less than 72 hours.

At this time, just send me this handwriting sample, nothing else. You may wish to sign off on each of these samples with your signature, so that I can analyze your signature as well. But it’s not a requirement.

However, don’t just send me simply your signature because although I can figure out personality traits from your signature, it’s going to be an incomplete personality report because as you might know (from my other posts) that signatures are simply how you want others to see you as – that’s your public image.

For a proper and completely free handwriting analysis personality report, I need both your handwriting sample along with your signature. So give it a go! It’s all free.

Send your handwriting samples NOW

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