rp_handwriting-analysis-e1429812902680.gifWe all know the difference between block letters and cursive writing, right? If you somehow manage to find a pen (or pencil) and paper to actually write down something by hand, if given a choice between block letters vs cursive writing – what do you prefer?

Most of us would prefer just scribbling in our own regular writing. But I might want to write a message in block letters if the message is for someone else, and I’m not too sure if the other person will actually be able to read my handwriting. That happens, right?

Block Letters Vs Cursive Writing

Now you might have come across people who prefer to write in block letters, instead of regular handwriting, all the time. While I want to give them the benefit of doubt – maybe they’re simply writing down something meant for someone else – there are instances where most people take the help of printing to conceal their true personality.

Now again, concealing their true personality might still be quite harmless, but ALL the time? I can understand you have to print in block letters while filling out official forms, but what’s the point of using block letters all the time? It’s just weird behavior, and what’s worse – it can indicate a not-so-great personality trait.

When a person chooses to write in block letters all the time, even though it’s not required, this signifies DISHONESTY.

Yes, high levels of dishonesty with a dash of antisocial tendencies.

This troubled personality is more pronounced when a person writes in a mix of block and small letters in the same word, or sentence. The jumble of mixed writing styles indicate the unreliability and instability of the person. It’s better to be cautious, or avoid the person completely – you never know what the person might do next!

In Conclusion

So you see, handwriting analysis is not simply what the cursive writing reveals about the person – it’s also about what the person is trying to hide under those big bold block letters.

While judging a person simply based on the fact that she tends to write in block letters almost all the time is not recommended, you should keep in mind to be cautious of this person.

Handwriting can reveal as much as your body language, sometimes even more. It’s an involuntary phenomenon of the human psyche. And if you’re trying to hide your true self by faking your handwriting in block letters, handwriting analysis will definitely catch you.

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