style anksimageDid you know there are actually 16 (yes, S.I.X.T.E.E.N… eep!!) types of collar in Mens wear? Sounds intimidating, doesn’t it? I never knew it until last week when another stylist told me about it. I found it really amazing! But when I thought about it more, I realized style for men can be just as complicated as style for women.

So here are my tips on style for men that can be incorporated in every day wear without thinking which number of collar you should be wearing on a particular day!


Best way to dress yourself for formal or informal occasion is by choosing pants with waistband around your belly button and high inseam.

In case you don’t want to highlight your backside at all, then wear straight legged pants (or jeans) to keep the focus away from the backside.

If You Have A BIG BUTT

Avoid pants with high waistband. These will simply highlight your backside. Instead, wear flat pants (without pleats) or relaxed-fit pants (jeans).

Also, you can suit up in a nice jacket that barely goes to your hip line, thus pushing the focus away from your backside.


First things first – you have to wear the right colors to camouflage your belly. Plain shirts in solid colors can do wonders for your physique.

Also, try to avoid anything with stripes. I know it’s always easy to say try vertical striped shirts or t-shirts, but in all my years as a stylist, I’ve hardly ever come across a good vertical striped top for men or women. So just avoid stripes, to keep it simple.


Yes, sometimes people are fortunate enough to possess a healthy body frame without any (or maybe minor) problem areas. In such cases, I suggest you figure out what your best feature is.

Men usually look great when they’re flaunting off their big muscles. So if you think you have the right muscles to show up, by all means, go ahead and flaunt off with good muscle t-shirts.

Since you already have a balanced body, try to make the best of your appearance with a good pair of shoes and a nice smile.

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