style anksimageStyle For The Indian Woman – Part 1 is how to wear a saree and of course, my tips on what to keep in mind when wearing a saree.

Now this post, I’m talking about the other forms of styles available for the Indian Woman. Let’s start with Salwar suits and then move onto Western Wear.

I’m not going to talk about the different salwar suits available in the world. I can’t possibly talk about that. But here are my tips on how to wear a killer look with salwar suits:

1. Find out the length of the kurta you should be wearing according to the shape of your body. A good image consultant can give that bit of information to you based on vertical body shape analysis

2. If you’re bottom heavy, opt for narrow salwars like churidars, slim patialas, etc. If not, sky’s the limit. Go crazy with the different options available in the market.

3. Choose the right colors to wear. With salwar suits you have the option of choosing a monochromatic or contrast image. For monochromatic look, wear the same color in your kurta and salwar, maybe with a slight variation in the shade of the color. For a contrast look, experiment with the colors in your color season for a bold look.

4. No matter what size you are, avoid large prints, polka dots, or any of those weird shapes or designs. The more simple the design is, the more you’ll shine in your overall look.

5. Choose the right kind of fabric of your salwar kameez. If you’re heavy, choose light ones, if not, go for any fabric you like.

Now, moving on to western wear, let’s just keep it simple – whatever outfit you choose, highlight only ONE AREA of your body.

For example, if you want to flaunt your fab shoulders, wear a off-shoulder or one-shoulder tube top. But DO NOT kill your look by pairing your top with skinny jeans, or full skirt. Instead, wear simple flared pants/jeans to balance your look.

You are free to accessorize of course, but keep in mind that your aim is to highlight your fab shoulders, and nothing else. So don’t bother with a eye-catching bag, which may take the focus away from your killer shoulders.

There are many other ways to flaunt off your strong points, no matter what size you are.

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