style anksimageSales are everywhere, whether you are in India or outside. And to take full advantage of these awesome sales, try my simple tips from a personal shopper and you’ll be able to wrestle some great bargains.

Remember, these are easy to follow tips, tried and tested by myself for my clients in our personal shopping experiences, so you got nothing to lose.

Scout First, Buy Later

Visit the stores which are offering sales – don’t buy right away. I know some things might not still be there when you get back to any previous stores, but it’s always a good trick to save yourself some money in a sale.

I know this might not be an ideal solution for most of you who are in a rush to finish their holiday shopping, don’t have any time anyways, or just don’t like shopping that much. But it’s helpful in saving more money, don’t you think?

Check The Size

This is a biggie!

Sometimes the holders might say “XS – Extra Small” but the cloth hanging on that holder might actually turn out to be a “L – Large”. You get the picture, right?

So check the size of the things you are keen to buy. Grab an armful of clothes in your size (or in the nearest sizes) and camp out at the trial room to make sure you get the right size.

Take A Non-Buying Companion

A Non-Buying companion is someone who will look out for you, instead of looking for stuff for himself/herself. This way you get 2 people working for you – yourself and your friend.

You can cover more ground and get more awesome bargains this way. Plus, your companion can also help you run back and forth from the trial room for size changes, etc. Trial rooms can really get crowded in sales.

So make sure your companions are not at all keen to buy for themselves and bear in mind to tell them all about what you want. A personal shopper really helps in such a scenario, while Moms are the next logical choice. But never take your partner, spouse, or boyfriend – they’ll just hurry you along and you won’t be able to enjoy a nice sale (words of wisdom from personal experience!)

Check The Price Tag

This is important. Sometimes “New Arrivals” and “Sale” sections mingle – maybe due to careless shoppers or staff – so always check the price tag before you go to the counter to check out.

And if you can’t find the price tag, or are uncertain what the price tag really means, just grab hold of the staff member nearby. I understand sometimes staff can get really snobby when it comes to helping people during sales, but you are the customer, so you have the right to ask for assistance.

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