A dress is a dress, right? Well, not really. Among many important things, the cut and fabric used in a particular dress can make or break your entire look. Plus, there’s always the age factor. Are you wearing according to your age?

No, I’m not going to give a complete tutorial on what you should wear, and what not. But here’s something you can use – the differences between a shift dress and a sheath dress.

Shift Dress

  • A shift dress is a short, usually sleeveless dress. It hangs from your shoulders. It might boast a A-line cut, or even an empire waist to add zest to your look.
  • You can wear it alone, or with stockings. Of course, you’re free to use accessories like belts, scarves, etc. to vamp up the look, whichever look you’re aiming for.
  • Shift dresses are usually a boon for all you ladies, who aren’t comfortable to flaunt their figures. It’s not form fitting at all. Hence, can be easily used to conceal curves.
  • Keep in mind, a shift dress is usually short. Most barely reach your lower thighs. And it embodies youth. So shift dresses are usually age appropriate for young to middle-aged women of all shapes and sizes.

Sheath Dress

  • A sheath dress can be longer than a shift dress. It can be short, but usually designers like Ralph Lauren, Prada, and so on keep the length around the knees or lower thighs.
  • It’s worn alone. Sheath dresses tend to be quite statement pieces, so you don’t need to accessorize it too much.
  • This type of dress is form fitting. This means if you’ve got the curves, you can flaunt it off with this type of clothing. It’s basically designed in a manner to highlight the feminine curves, so yes, it’s not necessarily for every shape and size out there.
  • Ideal for any age, I’d recommend to dress by occasion. You can’t possibly get into a sheath dress just to step out of the house. It’s a special piece, so use it for a night out, romantic dinner… you get the gist, right?!

Knowing this difference is just the beginning. To keep things simple for you about what to wear, and what to avoid, contact me now, specifically for clothing appropriate for your body shape, size and of course, the shape of your face.

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  1. katrina says:

    Thanks so much!!! I had no ideal the differences between a shift and a sheath till now.I would definatly wear a sheath just to step out the house. Maybe not the red like in the picture above, but like a floral patteren with flats during the spring time would be nice. ^_^


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