style anksimageThe golden rule of office wear is being conservative, or to be more clear – moderate. Your outfit shouldn’t make you pop out in a crowd (your work should!), yet you shouldn’t fade away among your colleagues. So what to do?

Here are my best ways on how to rock your office wear:

Lace It Up

A lacy ruffle in the collar, or a hint of lace in your sleeves – all can make you look incredibly feminine, without branding you as someone who uses her feminine wiles to get ahead in her career.

Not a lace type gal? Not a problem. Check out my other options below..

Wear Heels But Have Flats As Back-Up

Heels are the ultimate high. You feel powerful, and it just adds oodles of confidence into your walk when you go clickity-clack around the office. However, you can wear heels ALL the time. So keep a back up of your thinnest flats in your handbag, or a drawer in your desk. When you think you have an impression to make, arm yourself up with your heels. And otherwise, wear your flats.

Make Up Matters

Use makeup to enhance your features, not hide them. And focus on one feature at a time. One day it can be your eyes. Next day lips. Third day cheeks. And so on. You be the judge. Mix it up. Let there be an office pool on what makeup you’re going to rock next!

Pop Those Accessories

You shouldn’t wear loud colors, even if there is no strict rule in your office about it. If you love bright and bold colors, then buy a colorful trendy handbag for your office instead. Invest in some funky stationary. Vamp up your workspace, keeping your workplace sensibilities in mind.

So what do you think? Let me know how you rock your office wear every day at work. Drop a line, and maybe you can win a wonderful bag of goodies from Anks Image. Details coming soon…

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