When was the last time you cleaned up your wardrobe? I did mine just yesterday.. after almost 2 years! And now my wardrobe is more organized, and the best part is, now I can pick out my outfit within minutes. So take my cue and give your wardrobe a makeover today – use my simple tips to revamp your wardrobe:

Pile up!

Make three piles – “yes”, “maybe” and “trash”.

And now sort your clothes into these three piles. More on how to sort below, so read on.

Start small

Pick out one stack of clothes at a time. Go through it one item at a time. Just make sure you have ample time in your hands to go through everything with an objective mind.

If you can’t wear it, then trash it

Don’t put your clothes in the “yes” or “maybe” piles, just because:

.. one day you’ll fit into those clothes
.. someone special gifted those to you
.. you have special memories associated with those clothes
.. you like the color, or the cut, too much to trash it

Also, when sorting through each item, ask yourself two simple questions:
1. Will this look good on you?
2. Can you actually wear it?

Now, trash those items which make you answer “No” to any of the above questions, even if it means you’re left with only a handful of clothes in your wardrobe.

Now that you’ve sorted out your clothes, place your “yes” piles back into your closet right away – make sure you have easy access to these piles of clothes.

Pack up your “trash” pile immediately for disposal. You can give it away to your maid, or donate it to some organization who needs old clothes for the poor.

Coming back to your “maybe” pile – look through each item again and again sort into “yes”, “maybe” and “trash” piles. Repeat the process until you don’t have anything in the “maybe” pile anymore.

And that’s it – you’ve done it! Your revamped wardrobe is ready.

Contact me now for more tips on wardrobe makeover and how you can use your existing wardrobe to plan different looks. Visit my website at http://www.anksimage.com to learn how image consulting can help you look fabulous, boost your confidence, and become more successful in life.

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