You’re walking around the mall. You see the latest boots on sale at your favorite store. What is your reaction?

If you’re happy dancing and busting your brain cells to calculate how many things you have to give up once you buy those delectable pair of boots, you’re a reactive shopper.

However, if you can keep on walking because you know that particular 30% sale is going to go down to 50%, or maybe even 70%, in just a couple of days, or maybe you decide it’s just not time yet to purchase those “interesting” boots, then you’re most definitely a proactive shopper.

Here are 3 more differences between the proactive shopper and a reactive shopper:

Need Vs. Want

A proactive shopper already knows what she needs in her wardrobe. She has full knowledge of her wardrobe, right down to the number and different colors of shoe laces she possesses. So when a proactive shopper buys something, it means she really really needs it.

A reactive shopper is someone who doesn’t have any particular agenda in mind while shopping. She knows what she already has and what she prefers, and if she comes upon something resembling her preferences, or something that totally blows her mind away, she’s going to buy it.

Guidelines Vs. Simple Retail Therapy

If you’re a proactive shopper, you already have a plan in action. You have guidelines for your wardrobe – X number of shoes, Y number of dresses, and so on. You’d hardly go beyond these guidelines to immerse yourself in retail therapy.

Retail therapy is most likely for the reactive shopper. You find solace in retail therapy because you are a reactive shopper, purchasing anything and everything that catches your attention.

Aww..! Vs. Aah!

Yeah, the Aww..! is for the reactive shopper. It means you see something awesome (even if you might not particularly need to buy it), you go ga-ga over it, and most likely you’re already putting a dent on your bank balance.

Aah! is for the proactive shopper. You already knew what you were looking for, you kept on searching, and finally when you come up on something that fits your description, you go Aah! and buy it.

Every woman should be a mix of proactive and reactive shopper. You can balance your wardrobe, plus treat yourself on a regular basis. There’s nothing wrong in that! My advice – pay in cash, don’t use your (or your partner’s/father’s/someone else’s) credit card.

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