style anksimageLast night I was reading this piece in a fashion magazine – one of the successful fashion designers in India is planning to open a personal styling boutique. So it made me wonder – who’s going to be the better personal stylist – a fashion designer or an image consultant?

Fashion Designer As Personal Stylist

Fashion designers are creative people. They use their imagination and talent to turn designs on paper to wonders on the human body!

They have a vision, and they work hard to realize their vision. And if you hire a fashion designer as your personal stylist, you can be sure the designer in your stylist will have a certain vision earmarked for you.

So the question is – are you ready to be what some other person wants you to be, or do you want to excel as yourself?

Image Consultant As Personal Stylist

When you choose an image consultant as your personal stylist, you can rest assured it’s you who’s going to shine through – your personality, not the outfit. It’s because an image consultant will style you according to your personality, and lifestyle.

During an image consultation, you’ll understand the strong points of your physical appearance, as well as the constraints and requirements according to your personality and lifestyle.

For instance, if you are a career woman, your eclectic style of dressing might not bode well with the dressing code at your workplace. So your image consultant can show you on how you can keep your style, and yet comply with the rules in your lifestyle.

Image consultants have different specialties to be proud of. Each one is unique, with his or her unique skill-set. Being an image consultant myself, I can’t compete with a fashion designer. I don’t think any image consultant can. But I do have a natural flair for personal styling – my clients can vouch for me!

It’s simple actually – if you’ve sought a personal stylist to dress you up for your wedding, then by all means, go for a fashion designer.

But if you really want to know how to dress to impress anytime anywhere to reveal your personality through your physical appearance, match your looks to your inner strengths, and of course, take into account your lifestyle needs, an image consultant is the key.

Because that’s how you can rock fashion with your style!

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