style anksimageYou have your own personal style. Although it might keep changing with age, trends, company you keep, etc. everyone is unique in their sense of dressing. Take our test to understand more about YOUR personal style..

1. Do you Vogue for fashion? Meaning, do you grab the latest issue of Vogue magazine (or other fashion magazines) fresh off the stands to soak in the latest trends in fashion?

(A) A big YES!
(B) Sometimes.
(C) I read fashion magazines for more than latest trends.
(D) Rarely.

2. What attracts you to a shop – the displays on the mannequins or the brand names you are familiar with?

(A) Displays must be cool, otherwise it’s a no-go zone.
(B) Familiarity matters.
(C) Neither.
(D) Both.

3. Do you rub your hands in glee when you know you got some time to raid your Ma’s (or Grandma’s) closet?

(A) Why would I? I don’t understand the question.
(B) Not really.
(C) Ooh yes! Ma’s closet + good tailor = stellar outfit!!
(D) Sometimes.

4. Are you open to shopping in street markets like Janpath in Delhi, even when you’re NOT restricted by a budget?

(A) Never. Unlimited budget means I’m hitting the malls.
(B) Only if I need anything.
(C) Sometimes.
(D) Definitely. Where else will I get different styles at such prices?!

5. What is your shopping criteria?

(A) Latest fashion trends. I want to wear what Sonam Kapoor or Kim Kardashian is wearing.
(B) I shop only when I need something.
(C) None.
(D) I buy when my eyes can’t go beyond a particular item.

6. How often do you shop for outfits, makeup, shoes and/or accessories?

(A) Every month when the new stock arrives. Yay!
(B) Can’t say.
(C) I don’t shop. I just keep my eyes open for good merchandise.
(D) When the mood hits.

7. What’s your shopping priority?

(A) How old the cut or style of the product is.
(B) How comfortable I feel wearing the product.
(C) How much value it’s going to add to my wardrobe.
(D) How many new outfit ideas I can come up with by using that product.

If your responses are..

Mostly A’s – Trendy

As the name suggests, you are trendy. You want to be seen in the latest trend rocking the fashion world and you’re willing to put your time, effort and money to look well put together. You stay loyal to your style, even though you must consider the fact that not all fashion trends might be suitable for you (your personality) or your body type, face shape and so on. Go nuts on the right trends.

Recommended places to shop: DLF Emporio

Mostly B’s – Comfort

It’s all about comfort to you. You would choose to be comfortable in your casuals, rather than look trendy in mind-boggling tower high stilletos. You dress per your comfort. You shop per your comfort. And you know what’s right for you. But step out of your comfort zone from time to time – it’ll be a new experience for you – like taking a vacation.. from you.

Recommended places to shop: Select Citywalk

Mostly C’s – Vintage

You are a collector. You would coax your neighborhood tailor to turn your Ma’s saree into a full skirt for you, and then pair that up with a nice top from Zara. Limited editions or special editions of products are your guilty pleasure. While you’re raiding your relatives’ closets to discover new gems, you are also building a collection to pass on as your legacy to your kids.

Recommended places to shop: Shahpur Jat

Mostly D’s – Eclectic

You mix and match.. a lot. You can pair up Dior shoes with Nike shorts and look stellar, not just because the mix and match worked but also because of your confidence that the combo works. You don’t regret purchases because you know how the new products will complement the ones waiting for you at home. You make decisions on what suits you, not how you can manage to make something suit you. Rock on, girl!

Recommended places to shop: Anywhere

NOTE: If you don’t have a clear answer above, don’t fret. You can be a mix of personal styles.

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