Hmm.. so where have you heard that before? Most probably, from you!

Yes, girls (maybe even guys!) usually go over this statement at least 2-3 times a day whenever the challenge of putting together an outfit comes along. No matter where you’re dressing up (or down) for, there always seems to be a lack of viable options in your wardrobe to choose from, right?

I used to go through this same turmoil earlier, but now as I’m becoming more aware of fashion and my style, I’m proud to declare I don’t feel so confused any more.

What Is Your Fashion And Style?

As you know, fashion and style are different elements. I’m not going to give any tutorials on fashion or style, so let’s keep it simple. Let’s just say, while fashion can be wearing sexy Louboutins, your own style can be about sexing it up with Crocs.

You can follow fashion trends from what you see on TV, movies, stores, or even the runway, but you need to have a unique personal sense of style. Your personal style defines who you are, reveals your personality.

So when you feel you’ve got nothing to wear, chances are you’re just struggling to find your personal style. Therefore, the next time you feel you’ve got nothing to wear, first figure out what your personal style is, and then try to use your wardrobe to come up with your outfit.

Trust me, once you know what your personal style is, you will find your wardrobe is not as outdated as you think it is.

How To Find Your Personal Style?

Your personal style is a representation of your personality. For instance, if you’re comfortable with your Ugg boots, it shows your adventurous, relaxed, or even quirky persona, depending on where you wear these Ugg boots to.

The best way to find your personal style is to define your priorities:

  • Comfort or looks?
  • Glamorous or practical?
  • Attention-grabbing or one in the crowd?

While doing this, do keep in mind what you’re dressing for. How do you want people to acknowledge you as?

For instance, if your main priority is looking great for any occasion any time of the day (or night), chances are you’d plan a glamorous outfit designed to grab the attention of others. And this explains your extrovert nature. You’re definitely not shy.

However, this style might backfire on you in a professional environment – you can turn out to be so attention-grabbing that people are intimidated by you. So yes, do keep in mind what you’re dressing up. And therefore, you can have different personal styles depending on what you’re dressing up for, namely, workplace, casual and so on.

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