style anksimageAs we age, there are many changes happening in our bodies. And because of these changes, our looks, physical appearance, can also change. So here are the 3 essentials you need to keep in mind to look great at any age:

Wear the RIGHT Colors

When I was younger, I loved to wear pink. I still love it but don’t necessarily grab my hot pink outfit at the spur of the moment nowadays.

The reason is simple – according to color analysis, a lighter shade of pink suits my natural colors better nowadays, and more importantly, I possibly can’t wear an all-hot-pink outfit when I go for business meetings, can I? Sure I am also a stylist, but I have to think about my image too. So there!

Hence, wearing the right colors, according to your natural colors – skin, hair and eyes, and of course appropriate for your age and profession is a must to look great at any age.

Wear FITTING Undergarments

Don’t you hate it when you see a panty-line showing up on someone’s pants, or worse, on your own when you finally get to look at a mirror once you’re outside the house?! Eeek!!..

It’s true – undergarments that don’t fit well to the shape of your body can destroy your entire look and make you look just plain impolite.

On the other hand, undergarments that fit the shape of your body can drape nicely over your curves, smoothing out the contours of your body so that none of the ugly bumps and lumps are visible, and you look great at any age in any outfit you choose.

Wear the RIGHT Pants

When we age, we tend to store a lot of body fat around our waists, thus acquiring a beer belly, or pot belly. Everyone has a paunch, little or huge. And the best way to take the attention away from your paunch is by wearing the right kind of pants.

Wear flared pants if your upper body is heavy, and straight if you have a balanced type of body, that is, upper and lower halves of your body are pretty much the same size. And also remember the waistband of your pants should be around your belly button to camouflage your paunch.

These were some of the essentials to look great at any age. Hope you can use them to look fabulous.

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