style anksimageIt’s summer and we all want to wear less. No, I’m not saying dressing is optional to beat the heat. But instead of wanting to jump into a bikini, we can opt for capris or 3/4 trousers, which when styled properly can work for you casually as well as in your workplace. Here’s how to wear capris and rock it.

So what’s the deal with capris?

Are you really afraid of wearing one?

From what I’ve noticed, capris tend to make one look shorter, which is why the not-so-tall ladies avoid it at all costs. But there are effective ways of dressing up in capris without looking short and totally rocking the style!

Choose your Look

First, make sure the bottom of your capris is narrow. Think skinny! The tapered look can make your legs look complete, instead of “cut-off”.

Next, avoid embellishments of all sorts! If you focus on any type of decorative detail on your capris, the onlooker’s eyes will be on that, making you look extra short than usual. So create a focal point above your waist so that you don’t look like you’re walking on your knees. Maybe a nice embellished top highlighting your shoulders, etc.

Another way to rock capris is by wearing a color closer to your skin tone. Less the contrast, better are your options to avoid looking short and frumpy.

And finally, choose the right shoes. Light colored shoes in nude, beige, brown, etc. (closer to the wearer’s skin tone) can always make you look taller, though keep in mind that there should be at least a half-inch heel in your shoes to have the desired effect.

In Conclusion

After all said and done, it is a fact that people with long legs will wear capris much better than others. But if you fear you look shorter than usual in capris, try my tips above to look taller with capris and rock the style.

I’ll wrap up with a “capris for your workplace” tip – wear mild-colored capris with a contrasting top in bright hues. This contrast will keep the focus above your waist and make you look as tall as you really are. Combine this with a pair of closed-toed shoes in a color matching your capris, and you’re ready to rock your workplace!

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