If your face is circular shaped, and the width of your face is almost equal to its length, then you’ve got a round face. There’s a possibility you might mistake a round face for an oval shaped face. So it’s best to seek professional help to determine your face shape.

When you have a round face, you should style your hair in order to minimize the roundness of your face. Your hairstyle should add length to your face. So here are some tips for the best hairstyles for round face.

Tip 1: Add Height To The Top Of Your Head

When you’ve more volume on the top of your head, your crown, it creates an illusion of a longer, narrower face, thus minimizing the roundness of your face. You can achieve this by asking your hair stylist to add more layers to the crown.

Tip 2: Avoid Bangs

Round shapes nearer to your face makes your face look more rounder. So avoid bangs. If you’re stuck with bangs, then side-sweep it across your forehead. This makes your face look more oval, rather than round.

Tip 3: Avoid Chin Length Hairstyles

When your hair stops at your chin, it adds more volume to the sides of your face. More volume on the sides of your face means your face looks more rounder. So whether you have long hair, or medium hair, avoid layers that end at your chin level.

Quick note – layers ending at your cheeks are fine, as long as they don’t add any volume to the sides of your face.

Tip 4: Take Note Of Your Parting

Avoid side parts because it’ll going to add width to your face. Instead, part in the middle to create the illusion of a narrower face. And of course, if you do side-part your hair, make sure it doesn’t add too much volume to either sides of your face. That’s just going to give you an unbalanced look.

Special Note On Men’s Hairstyles

Longer hairstyles suit round faces the best. However, if you’re not willing to grow out your hair, try square hairstyles that’ll minimize the roundness of your face. Try a slight off-center part to add height to your crown.

If you’ve got a short hairstyle, use an appropriate styling product to add volume to the crown of your head. However, make sure the products you use are suitable for your hair type.

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    Nice Post! i think most women can pick a good guideline from your post! And they can keep their hairstyles according to their face! Thanks for providing such useful information!



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