style anksimageHere’s something to read about. With the onset of the Winter season, I’m sure you’re bringing out your pairs of boots right up to the front of your closet. So have you thought about what each style of your boots tell others about you? Lets get those boots talking..

Read on to find out.

Knee High Boots

With knee-high boots, you’re showing the world how glam and sexy you are. No matter what the fabric or the height of your boots, your boots show your elegant and sophisticated side.

And knee-high boots are not only stylish but are also active in keeping your legs warm too. No matter what heels you wear – starting from kitten to stilletos – your boots are an auto-boost for your style quotient.

Winter Boots

With winter boots (like those Ugg ones), you’re showing the world how adventurous and active you are. You have a zest for life. So come hail, rain, sleet, or ice, you’re always on the GO!

Usually winter boots have a sheepskin lining to keep your feet extra warm. So just incase you have soaked your boots in any way, remember to dry them out completely before tossing them back into your closet. This ensures more life for your incredible boots.

Ankle Boots

Ankle boots are quite a la mode. It means “in tune with time”. To you, fashion is not just a trend, it’s an art. And with ankle boots, you’re showing the world how smart and trendy you are.

A word of caution – ankle boots tend to make calves look thicker, so be careful. Find the right pair and rock your style.

Cowboy Boots

This is an American classic, a timeless beauty. Use it to dress up or down – adds a whole dimension to your wardrobe with its versatility.

Whether it’s from Dior or just your neighborhood store, you can pair up your unique pair of cowboy boots with jeans, skirts, even dresses.

There are, of course, many other forms of boots we can discuss. But for today, I’m wrapping up right here.

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