being fit anksimageBody Shape Analysis is one of the techniques I use, as a personal stylist, to find the clothes that will fit you right according to the shape of your body. Also, the shape of your body also defines the shape and size of accessories you need to wear to make the right statement.

In its simplest terms, body shape analysis is of two types:

(1) Horizontal Body Shape Analysis
(2) Vertical Body Shape Analysis

Horizontal Body Shape Analysis defines the best kind of garments you need to wear. Plus you can also choose the right kind of accessories to go with your outfits.

Vertical Body Shape Analysis defines the length of the garments you need to wear to look good. I’ll explain this in another post soon.

For the purpose of this post, I would like to concentrate on the Horizontal type of analysis of your body shape. In this category, there are 5 types of body shapes:

(1) Apple Body

(2) Pear Body

(3) Rectangle

(4) Inverted Triangle

(5) Hourglass

As you read the names of the different types of body shape, you can get an idea of what each of these body shapes mean. For example, pear body shape means the bottom half of your body is larger in comparison to the top half of your body. Your waist line is evident. Also, this means you have a tendency to store fat in the bottom half of your body.

So if you’re pear-shaped, you might have curvy hips and slimmer shoulders. Hence, if you want to wear a skirt to showcase your hips, try to wear a voluminous top in order to have a balanced look.

Remember, the key to looking great is to look proportional.

So if you balance your curvy hips with a voluminous top, you are balancing the top and bottom parts of your body, projecting an impression of an hourglass figure. And hourglass figure is the ideal body shape for a female.

For more on the different types of body shapes and to understand what type of clothes and accessories to wear according to your body shape, stay tuned for my upcoming posts!

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