my opinion anksimageWhen it comes to men, particularly men who spend a great deal of their lives inside the office, it becomes essential to pick the right outfit to last comfortably throughout the day PLUS create a good impression when they meet someone else.

For this, body shape analysis is the right tool to upgrade your personal style and look great while suited appropriately with the shape of your body.

In its simplest terms, the inverted triangle body shape is dedicated as the ideal body shape for men.

So, your question might be – what is inverted triangle body shape? Right?

To state briefly, the inverted type of body shape is where your upper half of the body is larger in comparison to the lower half of your body.

Picture this – Hercules with a puffed up chest, bulging arms, tiny waist and strong legs!

Well, you certainly don’t have to pull off a “Hercules” effect, but you do get the picture, right?

The width of your chest is the highest and your torso tapers down to your hip line and bingo! you have the Inverted Body Shape.

The best way to dress for this type of body is by understanding your own personal style.

Ask yourself:
What should be the focus of your look? Do you want to look tall, balanced, or buff?
What is your comfort level? Do you want to feel relaxed, or suited up professionally?
What are you dressing for? For the boardroom, your office cubicle, meeting someone outside, or just casual wear?

The above are some of the questions you need to answer before you dress yourself. And then comes the tough part – choosing the right length of your garments!

Look at yourself carefully…

If you have short legs and long torso, try to create the impression of longer legs by wearing dark bottoms, or even tuck in your top into the waistband.

If you have long legs and short torso, try to wear untucked tops, or even light colored bottoms to create an overall balanced look.

If you have legs and torso of same height, and if you prefer, you can wear clothes to create the impression of longer legs by wearing dark bottoms or tucking in your top into your waistband.

Longer legs seem to be more appreciated, as compared to a long waist, so flaunt your legs to look tall even if you’re short, or average height.

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