must haveYour handbag is your hold-it-all. Everything you need to survive in the big harsh world outside your home is what you stuff in your handbag. Yes, it might get crazy heavy like carrying bricks, but here are 5 must haves for your handbag..


I’m not talking about a full makeup kit. Just the basics of what you’re used to. Carry a lipcolor that you can lightly use during the day, and if needed can darken up to party all night long. Same goes for eye liner – light for the day, darker for the night. Plus if you’re inclined, a mascara and pressed powder.

Comb or Hair Brush

Yes, you can pack your comb or hair brush in the same pouch as your makeup, but most times I forget to carry my comb and have to suffice with my baby’s teeny tiny comb in times of need. Hence, a separate mention for the comb.

Baby Wipes

All mothers swear by one of the greatest inventions of mankind – baby wipes. You can not only use these wipes on your baby in her times of need but also use to correct your makeup, clean up any impromptu mess, clean yourself up, or simply feel the coolness of the wipes against your face during a tough tough day.


This has become quite a standard ever since the no-soap hand sanitiser has been introduced in the market. It just makes me feel clean when I want to freshen up quickly but don’t have the luxury of my home or a decent bathroom. Just don’t get addicted to it.

Pen and Paper

Yeah yeah, everyone thinks just because they have smartphones now pen and paper are defunct. But it’s not always the case. The last time I used my pen and paper was to write a note for my maid. And it’s always one thing or the other. Thankfully, smartphones haven’t totally taken over our lives.

And finally, don’t forget your wallet where you keep your money – it’s really one of the most important must haves for your handbag. It’s funny but true that sometimes there is so much stuff in our handbags, there is hardly any space for the wallet. I face that issue a lot. Just don’t let it happen to you :)

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