my opinion anksimageOh what is happening to the women of today? Or at least the women around me? How can strong, confident, independent women turn into helpless damsels in distress, waiting for someone to take care of them?

Yes, I am ranting today. Because I’m so sick of these previously whatever-you-can-do-I-can-do-it-better women get wasted into these blubbering morons. Ouch! That sounded harsh. Maybe I am being harsh, but I am frustrated with the plight of things today.

While we are all working to show it to the world (the men, of course!) that women can be their equal on every front without being feministic about it, there are these handful of women in my life (and most possibly in your life too) who are intent on undoing all our hard work.

For example, I have this friend Ana (name changed) who is a new mother and all of a sudden, she’s a new person too. She was a kick-a$$ graphic designer from Mumbai who used to literally spend days in taxis, freelancing from one client to another. And now she won’t come out of the room, won’t even change her clothes unless her newborn makes too big of a mess on her.

It’s depression, you might say. No, I got that checked. And it’s not like she’s taking care of the baby herself. She has a maid and her own mother, in addition to the rest of the family living in the same house, who take turns caring for the baby. She has so much help and support that she’s turned into this mess that can’t even hold her own baby without someone standing really close to her.

She stopped working, designing or even doodling on paper years before the baby arrived. Has no interest in anything whatsoever, unless her husband is pushing her. And now that the baby is born, she gets rid of the baby every chance she gets, and gets caught up in stupid arguments with people around her. She needs someone to take care of her every step of the way, and it literally drives me crazy.

So what can be done about it? She’s not depressed. She’s not worked up about the baby. She’s not exhausted or sore from child birth. So what is it?

My theory is she has too much help. When you have too many people doing your bidding, you turn lazy and ultimately helpless to do anything on your own. You don’t know what to do with your life. You have no personal goals. Nothing. Nada. Hence, you turn into a damsel in distress. You get worked up in the silliest of things and need someone to support you while you swoon over it.

Hmm.. so after over 400 words of ranting, I think I’ve got it – Live and let live. Maybe my friend enjoys being a damsel in distress, because life is too sweet on her right now. And even though I’m proud to be free from this damsel in distress syndrome, maybe I’m simply jealous that she’s just riding the wave while I struggle through life everyday. What do you think?

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