color-analysisColor Analysis. Ooohhhh.. Such a scientific phrase. The moment you read it, your mind conjures up this scene of a science lab with beakers, tubes and scientific doodads filled with colors, all ready for analysis.


Though it does involve experimentation, to a certain degree, color analysis can be as simple or as complex as you want it to be. And fear not, it has nothing to do with any science lab. It’s all about finding the right colors for you. How you use those colors is what increases the complexity of this process called color analysis.

In its simplest form, color analysis is used to find the right shades of colors for your clothes, your makeup, etc. It becomes slightly complex when you use it to find colors for your home or office. It is quite complex when you use it to find colors for relief from headaches, aches and pains etc. In fact, color analysis is used with acupressure for healing ailments like diabetes, blood pressure and so on.

I have practiced color analysis in its simpler forms, from styling a client with the right shades in outfits and makeup, to recommending colors for a client’s home office to create positive energy and promote creativity. Once I tried color healing for headaches. I was so nervous I haven’t attempted that again. Anything beyond is way out of my capabilities, and I prefer it that way.

Why You Need Color Analysis

Let’s face it, some people do possess a natural talent of finding the right shades for their clothes and makeup, their overall appearance. So why do you need any color consultant?

Firstly because the keyword here is “some”. Some people are naturals at this. Most times no one takes them seriously (themselves included) because they are not professionally trained to recommend stuff like that.

And secondly because most people are not always confident about the choices they make without professional guidance. That’s just human nature.

So that’s where I come in. You know I have the years of knowledge, experience and expertise in color analysis to take your overall appearance from “nice” to “wow!” My clients, this website, everyone can vouch for that.

In Conclusion

Color analysis is as simple or as complex as you want it to be. Use it to enhance your looks, or work with it for a peaceful existence. It involves a series of experiments, thus being a scientific process. And that’s why the results are so accurate. If you want a demo, come over to my studio for a colorful experience.

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