color-analysisColor analysis is about finding the right colors to wear in your clothes, accessories and/or makeup that suit your natural colorings (hair, skin and eye colors) and make you look more fabulous. The right colors will make your skin look flawless, eyes brighter, hair shinier and teeth whiter.

Here are my 3 reasons why everyone needs color analysis at least once in their lifetime..

Color Analysis Is a Science

Science is all about observation and experimentation, right? Color analysis involves the same. As a color consultant, I have to observe the undertones and overtones in your skin color, hair color, and eye color, and then through a series of experiments determine which color season is suitable for you.

Hence, color analysis is not about intuition or guess work. It’s a science, which can help you correct your looks and show you how to take advantage of the right colors to the maximum potential.

Use the Facts, Not Intuition

Some people are already intuitive about which colors suit them, while some aren’t. But at least with color analysis, you can always get your look right and not fall prey to your own guesswork.

I mean, how many times have you seen Aishwarya Rai or Kim Kardashian show up in unappealing colors? Even though there’s no fault with their style, the colors completely undo their style quotient and these style icons end up with unpleasant comments.

Because It’s Fun

How many times have you thought about changing your look just for the heck of it? For most people, changing their looks is directly related to changing their hairstyle. Change your hairstyle and poof!.. You’ve got a new persona!

That is so NOT how it works.

Changing your look can be as subtle as wearing the right colors. Maybe you are a Clear Spring (like Heather Graham), but you have been wasting your looks by using colors from the Clear Winter (like Liv Tyler) palette.

Come over for a color consultation and we can have loads of fun experimenting with the 12 different color seasons, because changing your looks can simply mean using the right color season palette and collecting compliments all around.

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