color-analysisIn Color Analysis, people are fascinated with color seasons – autumn, spring, summer, winter. But there is a much simpler color system one can use – warm and cool colors.

I’ve already written about what you should wear if you are warm – read this post now!

And in this post, I’d like to help those who have cool coloring.

Just to refresh your memory..

Cool Colors – If your skin, hair and eye colors have an overall/dominant soft, grayish undertone, you’ll look best in cool colors. Hair colors can range from ashy brown, silver, ashy blonde and so on. Eye colors can range from gray-blue, charcoal gray, violet and soft brown/hazel. And skin color does not have any golden/yellow undertones, maybe pink or pale undertones.

Warm Colors – If your skin, hair and eye colors have an overall/dominant earthy, or yellow, undertone, you’ll look best in warm colors. Hair colors can range from light to medium golden browns, browns, red (coppery), auburn, chestnut and finally dark browns. Eye colors can range from earthy shades like hazel, olive green, brown, and blue. And skin color is basically the ones with a golden glow to it.

So if you’re cool, all shades of gray, as well as purples, blues and reds look amazing on you. Remember, these shades will make you look gorgeous when you’re NOT tanned.

Special tip for silver-haired and salt-and-pepper-haired people – look classy wearing icy blue and icy yellow.

And unlike those who look good in warm colors, you can flaunt off pure whites with aplomb! Snow whites are definitely for you, and so is pure blacks. And of course you can experiment with the different shades of grays.

Your best makeup colors will be blues, hot-pinks, purples, the works!

Now keep in mind, if you have darker hair, try to reserve navy and burgundy for your workplace because these surely are your power colors. You’ll look amazing and automatically demand the power and authority you deserve at work, without looking too intimidating. Isn’t that simply amazing?!

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