color-analysisConsider color image analysis for an instant makeover. Whether it’s about reinventing your looks, or trying to match your physical appearance, your looks with your personality, color image analysis helps you achieve your desired results. This analysis determines your personal colors to highlight your assets, and downplay any possible flaws in your appearance.

Define Your Personal Colors

Your personal colors are basically those colors and shades, which complement your natural colorings – your eye color, hair color and skin complexion. The right colors will conceal any flaws in your appearance, and highlight your assets. For instance, the right colors will make your skin look radiant, and hide flaws like fine lines, wrinkles, dark spots, etc.

Sometimes, the right colors help you look slimmer, smarter, even younger. It’s all about knowing your personal colors. When you know your personal colors, you choose the right colors to help you achieve the look you want. And the best way to find your personal colors is by going in for color image analysis.

Color Image Analysis Is NOT Color Analysis

I’ve been discussing color analysis here, but what we do at Anks Image relates more to color image analysis, rather than simple color analysis. It’s true both deal with defining your personal colors and using those colors to help you look great, but color image analysis is so much more than that.

With color image analysis, we match colors to your personality as well, and not just your natural colorings. For instance, if you are deep autumn color season, colors with a warm base, like red, pink, etc. suit you the best. However, if you’re not comfortable with such attention grabbing colors, you can still look fabulous with salmon, rust, etc.

To look fabulous, your attitude, that is, your personality also counts. Color image analysis helps you define your personal colors according to your natural colorings, and your personality, thus allowing you to look fabulous anywhere anytime.

Now it’s your turn to look fabulous – contact me now to set up your color image analysis consultation right away.

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