color-analysisTraditionally speaking, Color Analysis is the process of determining the right colors to use in your clothes and accessories to look fabulous in any outfit you plan.

However, I strongly believe colors can tell a lot about your personality, rather than just make you look great in whatever you wear.

The colors you love wearing actually tells me what kind of a person you are, how you think, and most importantly, how you can use the colors of your choice to improve your current personal image (only if you are unsatisfied with it).

A lot of people I meet always tell me they dress according to their mood. I do too.. sometimes. But surprisingly, I have found most times the colors you choose when you’re in any mood tend to relate to the shades in your color season.

Color season, huh?

If you’re not familiar with color seasons yet, let me keep it simple for you – a particular color season contains the shades of colors you should include in your outfit (clothes and accessories). This is the result of a color analysis consultation.

On a basic level, there are 4 color seasons – Winter, Spring, Summer and Autumn. Just like the weather seasons!

Most colors from these color seasons actually correspond to the colors you see in the similarly named weather seasons. And that’s very helpful in remembering your shades, just in case you’ve forgotten your color palette somewhere else!

Anyways, Color Analysis at Anks Image is all about understanding your personality and lifestyle, analyzing your natural colors (skin, hair and eye), and recommending you colors to look AND feel great in whatever style you wear.

While I love conducting a session of Color Analysis directly face-to-face with someone, I do offer online sessions of Color Analysis for clients located outside India.

When you employ Color Analysis from Anks Image, you can expect a great conversation, exceptional advice on what to wear and what to avoid (something like a crash course on Fashion Style), and your personal color kit (PDF report) to use anytime you want.

So you basically receive a combined session of Color Analysis AND Fashion Style – all for the price of one! And one session usually lasts for up to 3-5 years, unless there have been drastic changes to your natural colors (skin, hair, eye), and/or your preferences for some XYZ reason.

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