color-analysisThe right colors can instantly make you shine, bring certain brilliance to your surroundings, and uplift your mood. Take a look at my quick tips about color analysis to make your life happier..

1. To grab the limelight, try wearing purple, instead of red. You can stand out in a crowd, and stimulate respect without intimidating others.

2. If you love wearing red colors, choose the right shade from your own color palette. Otherwise you can look too harsh.

3. If you’re wheatish or tanned, shades of autumn leaves, blue skies, earthy browns, will suit you.

4. If you’re fair, all shades of gray, as well as purples, blues and reds will do you justice.

5. Dark colors can make a room look smaller, causing claustrophobia thus hampering your productivity. So it’s best to avoid dark colors in your office.

6. Contrary to popular belief, black is not always suitable for everyone. If black is not for you, wearing it can drain the color from your face. Choose wisely.

7. Wear dark brown instead of pure black to look slimmer.

8. Camel and nude shades make you look feminine. Choose the right shade from your own color palette.

9. Black, white, grey, navy, brown and camel are safe colors for most people, meaning you might not look “wow” but at least you won’t come across as “eww”.

10. Last, but not the least, tip is for silver-haired and salt-and-pepper-haired people – look classy wearing icy blue and icy yellow colors.

Try these tips and look at the difference you can make to your day-to-day looks and surroundings. Be casual. Be classy. Dress down, or up. But never look unpleasant.

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