color-analysisColor Analysis is a method Image Consultants use to find colors suitable for you. Suitable colors are those colors which compliment your natural colorings – skin color, eye color and hair color – when used in your clothing, accessories, make-up, etc. Suitable colors can also mean those colors which bring out the best in your personality by uplifting your mood and adjusting your emotional reactions to these colors. So determining your suitable colors can make you look and feel gorgeous.

If you are interested in Color Analysis or Color Therapy, you might have heard about Color Seasons. Color Seasons is a system or scale used to determine the colors suitable for you. Based on your skin tone, eye-color and hair-color, Anks Image can find out whether you are suited with the “warm” or the “cool” colors (see Color Chart 1).


If you have a yellow or olive skin tone, you are most likely to belong to the Warm season. And if you have a ivory/pale skin tone, you belong to the Cool season. Note that the Anks Image version of this Color Seasons scale is limited to warm and cool seasons. This can be extended to Color Seasons similar to the weather seasons like Autumn, Winter, Spring and Summer. However, at Anks Image, we use the Warm-Cool Seasons scale and hence, have described it here.

As you can see in the Color Chart 1, there are 3 solid colors each in each category. Being warm or cool, you will find that the shades of each of these 3 solid colors will make quite a difference in your looks and perspective, when used appropriately. How to use the shades of your warm or cool colors is shown in Color Chart 2.


As seen in the chart, Hot Pink and Firebrick are monochromatic colors (variations in one color) and when used together, they represent a “safe” dressing option – easy, restful and sometimes, boring (if worn incorrectly). Like something you would like to wear on a daily basis – OK looks but not necessarily standing out in the crowd.

Now, Blue and Green are analogous colors (neighboring colors or variations of neighboring colors in the color wheel) and when used together, they represent a bolder dressing statement. Like something you would wear on an occasion, or to the office or mall – you want to look unique but not flashy.

Finally, Red and Green are complementary colors (colors directly opposite each other on the color wheel) and when used together, they represent a far more striking image – intense, dramatic and attention-getting looks. Like something you would wear on special occasions, or places where you want to stand out in the crowd – you want to be bold and daring, or you want to try something different, or you want to be in the limelight simply because that’s what you want.

That was all about your physical appearance. Let’s talk about refining your personality by using colors.

Different colors have different meanings. Being in a room with Grey furniture and furnishings can give you a sense of peace and serenity. Some people achieve the same feeling with the color White. Looking at something Green like grass, trees or even a Green carpet can relax your eyes. Yellow walls or wallpapers in your bedroom can put you in a cheerful and upbeat mood every time you walk into the room. Children are lured by Orange toys, clothes, etc. since Orange is friendly and lively. Males have a basic instinct to protect, so wearing pink (a delicate and feminine color) or white (a innocent and feminine color) can attract your guy even more. Females are more attracted to men in Dark Grey clothing representing power and authority.

Your Anks Image Color Consultant can determine your colors and show you how to use them effectively to improve your physical appearance and personality. Note that colors can be suggested for your clothing, accessories, furnishings, interior designs, etc. – anything that can impact your mood and can be changed to improve your looks and outlook.

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