color-analysisColor Analysis for office can be a great help to provide a means of comfort for yourself and your employees, and increase the productivity of your business.

It is an important tool as a business image consulting solution for the success of your business.

As you might know, colors have different meanings. When applying color analysis for office, here are some tips you can keep in mind:

  • Dark and Intense Colors: Dark colors can make a room look smaller. Same goes for intense colors, causing claustrophobia. Darker ceilings shorten the walls. So it’s best to avoid dark and intense colors in your office.
  • Single and Light Colors: Pale colors lighten up a room, making rooms look more spacious. However, it’s to avoid white. White creates irritability with continued exposure, thus reducing productivity.
  • For High Pressure Offices: If your office has high pressure activities sales and the stock market, you need to use colors to boost energy. For this, you can use strong, hot colors like yellow, red, green, black, and so on, to create zest, energy, and drive.
  • For Offices with Cubicles: Here, it’s best to focus on colors for overall business productivity while still allowing your employees to include their personal colors. This enhances the feeling of personal space, hence lifting the spirit and increasing personal productivity of each individual.
  • For Your Home Office: The purpose of choosing colors for your home office is to prevent your personal life interfering with your work, or your schedule. Royal blue carpets, yellow curtains, and pale blue walls is an effective combination.

Do keep in mind to consider the purpose of your office, and discuss the same with your color consultant, when you use color analysis for office.

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