color-analysisYour personal style is a success only with the right colors. If you’re not wearing the right colors, you can’t possibly look good, even if your outfits are straight form the runway, or belong to the hottest brands. Find the right colors with color analysis, and you can look more gorgeous with your personal style anytime anywhere.

To get started with color analysis, try these pointers before consulting a professional color consultant:

1. Start your color analysis by finding your safe colors. You might not exactly look glamorous in these hues, but at least you’ll look good, better than fine.

Hold a particular shade around your face, and note its effect on your face under natural light. The right colors will make your face look brighter, healthier. The wrong ones will highlight flaws like dark spots, fine lines, etc.

Usually, for most females and males, black, white, grey, navy, brown and camel are safe.

2. There is a range of shades starting from the outer circle of the pupil of your eye to its center. To begin your color analysis, stand in natural light and note these shades. These are some of the right colors for you.

So that’s color analysis at home. Now let’s talk about your personal style. If you feel you need to stamp your personal style on your appearance, try a professional color consultant.

Discuss your personal style with your color consultant – what do you want your outfits to represent?

If you are an outgoing person, and want to grab attention with your personal style, then wear red. But get the OK from your color consultant first because red is a strong color, and it’s easy to give the wrong impression without being aware of it. A color consultant can guide you to make the right impression with the right colors, exactly the way you want to.

Color consultants vouch for the success of your personal style with help from color analysis. A professional color consultant will conduct your color analysis to find the right colors to complement your skin, hair and eyes, and make you look more radiant and gorgeous. You can organize your wardrobe around the right colors to plan your outfits and look more gorgeous. You’ll also receive a color swatch to keep with you for planning your outfits, or shopping.

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