color-analysisThere are many colors you can wear to attract attention to yourself. Though it’s hard to suggest particular shades for you without taking a look at your natural colorings – your skin, hair and eye colors – here are the most popular colors to wear to attract attention to yourself.

Blue – If you’re a guy, you might grab something blue to wear more often than any other color. Don’t worry – it’s a good thing you wear blue usually. The right shade of blue can project you as a stable, faithful and of course, reliable guy – the ideal partner in a long term relationship.

Pink – Yes, pink or peach comes more naturally to gals, but it’s a good thing for you. Pink, peachy shades can give you a nice healthy glow all over (depending on your skin tone), and of course make you look more delicate. And bam! comes out the protective side of your man, or men in general.

Red – This color in its purest form signifies power and excitement. Wearing this will not only help you be the center of attraction anywhere, but also separate out individuals who are intimidated by you.

A word of caution – wear red occasionally, or else you’ll find it hard to warm up to others around you.

Purple – It’s an attention grabbing color, without the conflict associated with red. You can stand out in a crowd, and stimulate respect without intimidating others.

Note that these four colors are powerful tools you can use, but which color and what shade is appropriate for you is more important. Go in for color analysis to find out which of these attention grabbing colors suit you and your natural colorings.

Contact me for a quick color analysis.

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