color-analysisColor analysis helps you understand which colors to wear for what purpose. By knowing which shades suit you the most, you can get a wardrobe makeover instantly. Wardrobe makeover with the help of color analysis enables you to dress smartly for any occasion, without fussing around too much.

To get started with wardrobe makeover, go in for color analysis first. You can do this online, or go on for a personal session with a color consultant. Either way, make sure to ask for a color swatch at the end of the service, which will include your suitable shades. At Anks Image, we provide a color swatch plus a detailed report about which shades suit you and why.

Next, take a look at your color swatch from your color analysis session. This is an important step in your wardrobe makeover – you’ll be able to identify two sets of colors in your color swatch.

Certain colors in that color swatch would be something you’d like to wear on particular occasions. These are called the “accent” colors. Vivid shades like red, pink, blue, green, etc. are some of the accent colors.

And the rest in your color swatch will be something you’d wear on a regular basis, like everyday casual wear or business wear. These are called “neutral” colors. Subtle shades like black, white, gray, silver, etc. are some of the neutral colors.

The actual process of wardrobe makeover involves taking one of the neutral colors and matching accent colors to it. So you can see how much color analysis is important for wardrobe makeover, right?

For instance, consider your gray pants. Looking at your color swatch from the color analysis session, you’ll know that these pants will look great with that salmon blouse/shirt of yours. Plus, the same pair of pants will match your blue cardigan as well. And of course, you can match your gray pants to your gold jewelry also.

Your outerwear like coats, jackets, etc. can be in your accent colors. And for business wear, mix neutral colors with a splash of accent colors.

So next time you’re stuck at getting ready, or planning an outfit, think about how much color analysis can help you. By knowing your neutral colors and accent colors from color analysis, you can plan better outfits. Plus you also get an instant wardrobe makeover.

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