color-analysisColor analysis is also known as color healing. While color healing is a specialized profession, I’ll be discussing a subcategory of color healing, known as color acupressure, here.

Acupressure is a popular drug-free method of healing. The body heals itself because acupressure can boost blood circulation to affected areas. It’s about putting pressure on the right target spot to boost blood circulation, and ease your troubles. Similarly, color acupressure is another drug-free method where we use colors and pressure spots in our hands to boost blood circulation, enabling the body to repair itself.

Hence, color acupressure uses each target spot on our hands to work on the psyche, affecting the brain, to boost blood circulation, which then directs the body to heal itself. Color acupressure provides drug-free healing of your body, without the use of any medications.

So the question is, how to take advantage of color acupressure to heal yourself?

The process of color acupressure is simple. All the organs in our body are simulated in our hands. There is a direct energy link between each target spot and body organ. So stimulating a certain target spot on the hands can boost blood circulation, giving a boost of energy to the corresponding organ of the body, thus enabling the body to heal itself.

It’s not easy to find the right target spots, but an experienced color acupressure specialist can help you. Personal face-to-face consultations are encouraged, but online consultations are also successful. You just need one session, and you can use color acupressure as a drug-free healing alternative for the rest of your life.

For instance, say you want to use color healing to get rid of the common cold. Apply gentle pressure on the tip of your thumb (target spot) by squeezing it between your other hand. Close your eyes and visualize the color green. Try to keep your mind blank. If you can’t, then think happy thoughts. Hold for 5 minutes, and switch hands.

Usually, 5 minutes per application is enough. However, for serious conditions, it’s better to repeat applications three times a day until relief is achieved.

You can use color acupressure, or color healing to treat complaints like acne, menstrual pain, migraine, snoring, bronchitis, insomnia, even obesity. Contact us now to get drug-free solutions for your health problems. Visit our website to find more solutions to live a more happier and successful life.

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