color-analysisIt’s been some time since I wrote about Color Analysis. Not that I was busy or anything like that, I was just taking a step back and observing the buzz around it. While most veteran color consultants swear by the warm-cool scale, or the 4-color-season system, it seems finally there is a breakthrough – the 12 color season analysis!

Yes, there are now officially 12 color seasons.


If you are an avid follower of Color Analysis, or you practice it yourself, then you would understand how some people tend to belong to more than one color season in the 4-color-season system. So to avoid those doubts altogether, there’s now the 12-color-season system.

12 Color Season Analysis

Well, it takes into account that a person may have color characteristics from more than one single season. The trick is to find the dominant color season and then assign the secondary color season, so that the client has more options at hand.

Basically, if you are a Deep Winter with slight characteristics like a warm skin tone, you can consider Deep Autumn as a secondary color season. The same goes for Light Spring and Light Summer.

Now that you’re well confused with this explanation, let me say this to make you feel better – the 12-color-season system is not about the combination of your natural coloring, it’s about your dominant characteristic.

What I’m saying is, in a typical color consultation nowadays, we start with a warm-cool color system that is based on the combination of your natural colorings – your skin tone, eye color and hair color. Then we move on to the 4-color system – Autumn, Winter, Spring, Summer. And finally to the 12-color system.

Take this example – if you are “cool” because of your ashy blonde hair color, but actually have a “warm” characteristic like golden brown eyes, then your dominant season is a Neutral/Soft season, which ultimately gives you the luxury of enjoying the color palettes from both Soft Autumn AND Soft Summer.

In Conclusion

The 12-color system exposes the frauds in the Color Analysis industry. It takes years of experience and knowledge to analyze and confirm the dominant and secondary color seasons as per the 12-color system. So if you’re undergoing color consultation with a seasoned Color Consultant, you’re good to go. If your color consultant is reluctant to follow the 12-color system, then RUN!

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