Image Consultants

Image Consultants work with you on your (A)ppearance, (B)ehavior, and (C)ommunication to present the best version of you to the world around you.

Find the answers to your image consulting questions and more in the AnksImage Blog. All posts are written by Ankitaa Gohain Dalmia, unless otherwise indicated.

how to rock a party anksimage

How To Rock A Party

Last Updated: 31st March 2020 Parties and get-togethers are great means to meet new people, network and simply have fun. However, if you have to go to a party but don’t want to, here’s how to rock a party without being a party pooper.

how to look fresh instantly anksimage

How To Look Fresh Instantly

Last Updated: 31st March 2020 Looking young and smart, or simply looking fresh is on everyone’s agenda. Some women can go to extreme measures like Botox, etc. in a bid to look fresh effortlessly. Here are my simple tips on how to look fresh INSTANTLY: