How To Submit A Resume Via Email

business-groomingYou are confident with your resume. Whether you hired any resume writing services, or you did it on your own, you feel good about your resume. That’s nice. But have you decided how to submit your resume?

We belong in the Online Age, so let’s talk about submitting your resume online. There are many ways to submit your resume online. For the purpose of this article, I’m going to help you on how to submit a resume via email.

Some of the points you might want to keep in mind when submitting your resume via email are:

1. Attachment vs. plain text.

Some companies don’t accept email attachments. If you aren’t sure, it’s best to do both – insert your resume in the body of the email plus add as an attachment.

This means you’re going to lose the format in your resume when you include it in the body of the email. Your best bet – draft 2 versions of your resume – one fully formatted pretty looking resume (as a Word document) and the other in plain text. And use either version (or both) as applicable. It saves you time, plus you also give the recipient the choice on how to view your resume.

While it’s tempting to include a link to a website and suggest the recruiter or hiring manager to go look for the resume themselves, it’s a terrible idea. Recruiters don’t need to do that – you’ll end up getting disqualified.

2. Cover Letter.

Most time the body of the email can be considered the cover letter. However, don’t repeat stuff you’ve already included in your resume – redundant data will bore the person reading your application, and you certainly don’t want that, do you?

3. Before You Hit The Send Button

First, verify the email address of the recipient.

Second, include the job title you’re applying for in the SUBJECT line.

Third, use simple words in the body of the email to convey your message. This can be the potential cover letter, so word it carefully. If you’re including your resume in plain text, make sure it looks okay. If you’re sending attachments, list them out at the end of your message in the body of the email.

Finally, spell check. Correct errors, if any. CC yourself in the email and then hit send.

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